How guaranteed to sell a product and make a profit: that the goods purchased and recommended to others, you need to follow certain rules of sales

Discounts, promotions, sales - the Internet is full of monotonous and even strange offers to buy it is unclear what a mere penny.


The sale should be prepared, not for a couple of days, but at least 1-2 weeks. You need to select products, define advertising strategy, incentives. The first resource that you will need is the preparation time.

Action period

Decide how long the sale will last. Extension because of an unsuccessful product, cause or general failure, looks unattractive. Clearly indicate from which date and on what date the sale is in progress.

Find a reason

You need to explain to buyers why you decided to cut prices. "Just discounts" are no longer so interesting, but the company's anniversary, Mother's / Father's Day, the birth of the child from the director (if your audience is young moms, this is a great way to cause a good response to the sale). If you have, for example, an online store of fishing equipment, then arrange a sale for catching some notable fish. If you really understand your product and customer, you will find what to attract the audience.

Why is there no reason to take risks? Because a big sale for small businesses today is associated with difficult times. Make it clear that everything is fine with you, and you want to share it with customers.


It must be done regardless of the sale. If you know the location of clients, interests and habits, you can launch an inexpensive and profitable advertising campaign, with which the interested traffic will come. To do this, you need several ads that reflect the priority of each group. Targeted advertising, which falls into the target with an appropriate offer, will help you not only sell the product, but also profit from the sale.


Now you need to determine what you will entice, product-locomotive, which will lead a potential client to you, or several of them. For example, beach bags from 300 rubles. And be sure to indicate that the amount of goods is limited, otherwise, those who do not get will arrange you anti-advertising.

Then think about the product cheaper, which you will offer to the locomotive, and the product is more expensive, which can be transferred to the interested buyer. Use the opportunities of cross-sell and up-sell, when the sale becomes the ideal moment for their application.

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You can enter a compulsory gift for everyone who comes into your store for 2 days of sale and buys something. It can be participation in simplified conditions only during the sale. Consider the option with a certificate for a certain amount, which can be cashed at the next purchase.

Invite the client to choose a gift on their own. For example, you sell goods for the house. To the purchase on sale, the buyer can choose an electric lighter for the kitchen, a flower pot or a shoe care product. Make sure that offers are varied and inexpensive.


Be sure to take care of the labels in the catalog of goods, so that the client quickly orientated and could see the positions that are involved in the sale. If you leave the list only in the "News" section, keeping it in your head will be inconvenient.

How to make a sale?

It is necessary to decide what conditions the sale will have. There are a lot of options:

  • Countdown. The sale is valid for several days / hours.
  • A certain category. The special offer is valid for a specific group of products.
  • Determine your product-anchor, that is, a small commodity that really can not be costly.
  • Seasonal sale, which includes special offers only for actual goods in a particular period.
  • The more I bought - the bigger discount.
  • Sale only for a certain group of buyers.
  • Small wholesale as a condition of sale, attendant discount.
  • Event, occasion.
  • Sale at a discount, which becomes smaller every day.
  • Sale of goods used, with a small marriage, which you need to warn in advance, which at the same time and will be a logical reason.

Please note

  • The time limit still works great for motivating buyers to buy right now.
  • The percentage expression, the new price, the discount amount - the sale is always accompanied by specific figures. If the sale lasts from February 28 to March 2, then rephrase it: "Only 3 days!" etc.
  • Announce sale on the site, in social networks, instant messengers and in thematic publications. Do this 2-3 times: for a week and a half, 3-4 days, and 1 day before the start. Because of the new algorithms of social networks, your records can not be seen right away, and then offended that you did not warn. In addition, inform in the morning on the last day of the sale that its action is coming to an end. More is just boring.
  • For the time that you took yourself to prepare (and even earlier), find a few really readable publications and arrange guest publications in their format. Example:

  • Make a mailing to the e-mail subscribed customers, formulate a clear call to action with a bright button, offer buyers a profitable exchange, as for example it makes 'Apple'

  • Prepare a script where you and managers can communicate with customers . The sale will raise new questions and doubts that you need to be able to work with. In addition, you need not only to consult and place an order, but also to bring the customer to purchase an additional product or a more expensive position.
  • Even before the sale begins, you need to know the average check for purchases in your store and target managers to sales above it. No aggression and imposition - everything is benevolent and appropriate.
  • Offer customers to share their impressions of the sale, for example, in social networks , if you are here, or through the proposed entries in the community "VKontakte." Photo, text, video - these work well in the fight against the doubts of other customers.
  • To the reviews and photos you can tie a contest, which will be held on the results of the sale. Another way to engage the audience and get additional coverage and subsequent sales. Do not forget about the hashtag, by which you will search for all participants.
  • Think about holding sales not for everyone in a row, but for loyal customers. You should be loved not for permanent discounts, but for these beneficial offers for useful goods.
  • The goods for sale should be many and already in stock. . If you think over the reason and the terms of the sale, it will not be in stock in a day.

Sales today should be used wisely: think over the product, the motive, the mechanics and in any case not to spend every month - it will relax the buyers and teach them to wait for a new "freebie". A good sale is accompanied by separate offers for segments of the audience, understandable terms and benefits for the client. Try to make the first sale, share the results and draw conclusions for new sales.

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